Saddleback District Cub Scout Day Camp

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Webelos Achievements

Forester (complete)
Tuesday #3 - Identify common trees
 #6 - Show how tree's rings tell it's life story
 #7 - Collect three pieces of wood used for building houses
 #9 - Describe harm caused by wildfires and how to prevent them
Wednesday #2 - Identify the layers of a forest in your area
 #4 - Identify six common forest plants

Geologist (complete)
Friday #2 - Give examples of minerals used in metals, glass, jewelry, road building, and fertilizer.
  #4 - List some of the geologic materials used in building a house.
  #5 - Make a drawing that shows the cause of a volcano, geyser, or earthquake.
  #6 - Explain one way in which mountains are formed.
  #7 - Describe what a fossil is and how it can be used to tell how old a formation is.

Wednesday #6 (partial) - We identified and discussed Poison Oak

Monday and Tuesday #6 - Know the rules of small boat safety. Show that you know how to handle a row boat.

Thursday and Friday #2 (partial) - Built one of two projects

Wednesday #1 - knots

Archery Belt Loop

Ultimate Frisbee Belt Loop Friday

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