Saddleback District Cub Scout Day Camp

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Trading Post !!!

Look for the Trading Post as Cub Daycamp. Save money - tax is included in all items. Items start as low as 30¢. We take cash, checks (pleas have your drivers's license handy), and MasterCard or Visa.

Fun things: marbles, frisbees, leather kits, pinewood derby kits (get prepared for Cub Raace Day).

Practical things: fanny packs, wallets, flashlights, compasses. First aid kits, drinking cups, and toothbrushes cannot be returned once taken from the Trading Post.

Scoout Things: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos books, emblems for walking staves, hat pins, dog tags.

Neat things: pocket knifes , bow and arrow sets. These will only be sold to an adult. All knives must be held by the adult when at Day Camp.

Leader Things: mugs, Academic and Sports Pamphlet

AND MUCH MORE ! ! ! ! !

Belt Loops:

Tigers and Cubs


  Archery Archery
  Science Artist

Adult Pack Coordinators may come and order Blet Loops at teh beginning of camp to be picked up on Friday. First come, first served. On Friday we will sell individual Belt Loops as long as supplies last. Please be sure to let your parents know wheter the Pack is purchasing all of the Belt Lops of the they need to buy Blet Loops for themselves.

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