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Day Camp 2003
Adult Training Basics

  1. Your responsibilities as an Adult Leader at daycamp:
    • Explanation of "Daycamp Dens" and Packs
    • Assist Daycamp Staff in assuring that campers have a safe and fun-filled week!
    • Get them to the designated program areas
    • Keep the boys SAFE
    • Assist the boys with projects/events
    • Assist Program Managers in each area to keep the boys under control and focused.
    • Implement sign-in and sign-out procedures, DO NOT leave if all boys have not been picked-up, take them to headquarters if necessary
    • Report any difficulties to the Camp Director or Camp Administrator
    • Take all medical problems (even a scratch) to the Health and Safety Officer. Do not treat them yourself! This includes adult injuries.
    • Be aware of camp Emergency/Evacuation Procedures
    • Lunch time is NOT free time (you are still responsible for the boys in your Den)
    • Utilize BSA's Youth Protection Guidelines
    • Label Everything!! It's a good idea to bring a sharpie pen and some masking tape. Each den will be provided with a 5 gallon bucket to help carry the boys things.
    • At least one Adult in each Den needs to bring a cooler with ice for the boys lunches and water bottles. Wagons are a good idea for hauling around stuff.
    • Adults need to be a little early for each session, so you are there to check the boys in.
    • Daycamp Uniform: Camp T-shirts are to be worn everyday. Tennis shoes or hiking boots. Hats are a good idea. T-shirts are color coded as follows: Daycamp Staff - royal blue; Camp Medics - red; Adult Volunteers (this would be you) - light blue; Youth Volunteers - orange; Campers - turquoise; Siblings - bright green
    • You will have to pay $2.00 per day to O'Neill Park for parking.
  2. Emergency/Evacuation Procedures:
  3. Information from the Camp Health and Safety Officer: John O'Keeffe
  4. On the first day of Camp, each Den will receive a clipboard with the following information:
    • List of all boys in the Den
    • List of any boys with serious/life threatening allergies or physical conditions
    • List of any persons NOT ALLOWED to pick up a child from camp
    • Sign-in/Sign-out Sheet
    • Weekly Schedule
    • Emergency/Evacuation Checklist
    • Map of the Park
  5. Campers and Adult volunteers are not to use walkie-talkie radios while at Daycamp!
  6. Please bring any questions, problems or concerns to the Camp Director.
  7. Traffic and Safety: Thom Spratt, Deputy Sheriff.
    • Drop-off and pick-up procedures (CARPOOLS ARE NECESSARY)
    • Parking
    • Lost camper procedure
    • Suspicious characters
  8. Archery Program: Jim Jackson
    • Campers are kept at the gate until the Rangemaster feels they are calm enough to enter the range. With your help in calming the boys, they will enter the range sooner!
  9. Youth Protection Training

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