Saddleback District Cub Scout Day Camp

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Bear Achievements

Games, Games, Games! #15
Monday A - Croquet (one half of the requirement)
Wednesday B - Soccer (one half of the requirement)
Thursday C - Bocce Ball - Thursday

Sawdust and Nails #20
Tuesday and Wednesday B - Build your own Toolbox.

Tying it all up #22
Thursday B - Tie a square knot, bowline, sheet bend, two half hitches, and a slip knot. Tell how each knot is used.

Sports, Sports, Sports! #23
Wednesday A - Soccer (1/3 of the requirement)
C - Soccer
Thursday C - Boccee Ball

Bear Arrow Points

Aircraft #6
Tuesday C & D hot Air balloon

Art #9
Monday A - Flags

Sports #20
Each Day A - Archery (except to build an arrow holder.)

Maps #23
Monday A - Look up you state on a U.S. map. What other states touch its borders?
B - Find your city or town on a map of your state. How far do you live from the state capital?

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