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Health & Safety Information

Cheryl MCelwain, RN - Health and Safety Officer

  1. Safety
    1. a. Basic rules for everyone to enforce:
      • NO CLIMBING - trees, buildings or each other
      • NO RUNNING - walk in camp so you have time to move out of the way when that log runs out in front of you!
      • PUT THE STICKS DOWN - youíll put your eye out!

    2. There will be lots (and lots) of campers this year. Safety is always a first priority. (Common sense prevails here) Contact Camp Headquarters if any scout will not follow the safety rules (despite adequate warnings and/or guidance) The scout will be counseled at Headquarters and may be excluded from part or all of that session.
  2. Health
    1. OíNeill park is abundantly supplied with pollen and dust. IF YOU HAVE HAYFEVER/ALLERGIES start taking your medicines a few days before camp and continue through the week. Be sure to bring inhalers/meds with you all week. See Scout medication checkin protocol (#c. below).

    2. The camp environment tends to stir up asthma. The boys will carry their inhalers with them. Any boy who has severe allergies to bees, foods, etc. will carry their epi-pen or anaphylaxis kit on their person.

    3. Medications (in their clearly marked prescription bottle) will be held at the First Aid Station unless a parent is with the boy and then parent may hold onto medication. Epi-pens and asthma inhalers stay with the scout.

    4. Hydration - Please help remind the boys to drink lots of water. By the time they feel thirsty, their fluid balance has already been affected. A good rule of thumb is to have everyone in the den take a good swig either at the beginning or the end of each session, and do it consistently. This includes the adults too!

    5. Remind the boys to USE SUNSCREEN (they will complain & deny, but pay them no mind!).

    6. Poison Ivy - If you suspect any contact with the plant, WASH THE AREA immediately, preferably with soap & hot water.

    7. Bees & Fire Ants - Since it is impossible to ascertain what species you are dealing with (they donít speak English OR Spanish) tell the boys to LEAVE THEM ALONE!

In case of a bee attack - get to an enclosed area FAST and THEN swat the bees off (killer bees will swarm more vigorously if they are ticked off and swatting tends to do that). There have not been any killer bees reported in our area. This is a discovery we would rather not make, so, LEAVE THE BEES ALONE!

Fire ants have been found in OíNeill Park and the area cordoned off. Fire ants swarm anyone who bothers them or their nest. The bites are painful, but usually not lethal (unless you have an allergic reaction such as some people have to bee stings). Donít take chances - LEAVE THE ANTS ALONE!

Each Program Area Manager will have a walkie talkie. Have them contact the First Aid Station with any urgent concerns or situations.

In keeping with Universal Precautions for body fluid contact, latex gloves will be available at each program area. Please use them if coming in contact with blood, vomit, urine or feces. Have Program Area Manager contact Headquarters for cleanup of contaminated area(s).

If you send a scout to the First Aid Station, always send a youth volunteer with them. (BUDDY SYSTEM).

Any questions? Feel free to give me a call.

Cheryl MCelwain, RN - Health and Safety Officer

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