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Parking Permit Policy

There are six different permits available:
Individual permits for each day (Monday through Friday) and a full week permit. Adult Volunteers who wish to park their cars inside O'Neill Park may purchase permits for individual days of the week at $2 each or a single pass for the entire week at $10. These permits will be sold at roundtables and training sessions in the two months before camp. Same day parking permits can also be purchased from the Park Rangers at the park entrance.

Lost permits will not be replaced; Another permit will have to be purchased.

When entering O'Neill Park, please have your Parking Permit ready to present to the Park Ranger at the main gate. While parked, permits must be in plain view on the driver's side dashboard.

Vehicles without permits properly displayed will be cited and/or towed.

Valid permits must be stamped "PAID" and have an authorized signature on them. Forged, copied, or altered permits will be confiscated and the holder of such permit will be prosecuted.

Questions about parking permits go to the Quartermaster Susan Spratt.

Thom Spratt, Deputy Sheriff
Director of Traffic and Security
Saddleback District Day Camp 2004


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