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Day Camp 2005 Emergency Duties and Resposibilties

In the event that the camp needs to be evacuated the Camp Director will announce to the program managers over walkie - talkies, as well as loud speaker that there is a need to return to the gathering area. Program managers will then relay that to adult volunteers who will then return DIRECTLY to the gathering area and await further instructions.

ADULT VOLUNTEERS: Keep campers calm. WALK back to the your banner in the gathering area. Keep an adult in the front, middle and rear of the group to keep campers together. Upon returning to the gathering area conduct a head count. Have TWO adults give that information to the recorder at head quarters, they will immediately return to you. If a camper is lost relay a full description to staff. Come up with songs or a game to keep the campers calm and together. Use parent helpers to keep the campers from straying.


REMAIN CALM: If you stay calm this will help others stay calm.

THINK: Before you speak or act.

LISTEN: For further instructions or information.

WORK TOGETHER: The adult volunteers MUST work together to keep the campers calm, together, out of harms way.

WALK: We do not run in camp, walking will keep everyone together. Keep another adult in the middle and rear to help keep the campers together. Walk single file to the right side of the road, always leave room for vehicles.

Adults with children in youth or sibling camp: The youth and siblings will be brought to the center of the gathering area from there they will be signed out to the parent ONLY after a head count is made and they are to remain with the parent until the event is resolved. Please be sure that the campers you are working with are safe and have adequate coverage before leaving to sign out siblings.

All adults should put the safety of ALL the children first.

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