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What does a Youth Volunteer do? Youth Volunteers help run program areas, they assist the Adult Program Area Managers in setting up each day, running the sessions, helping the Cub Scout's with their games, crafts, etc., and cleaning up the session area. Youth need to be in camp at least a half hour before the beginning of the session they are working: 7:30 AM (AM session) or 2:00 PM (PM session).

Service Hours: You will receive service hours for time spent helping at Day Camp. This means you are expected to WORK to EARN these hours, they are not a gift. Youth who are unwilling to perform their jobs will be asked to leave.

Day Camp Uniforms: Your Day Camp uniform this year is an orange Day Camp t-shirt. It is to be worn everyday. One t-shirt is provided; you may purchase more for $10.00 each. Other T-shirt colors: Staff - Dark Green, Adult Volunteers - Royal Blue, Camper - Lime Green, Siblings - Kelly green, Medic - Red.

Program Areas: Areas you can choose to work in (however, if we need you somewhere else, you will be assigned accordingly).
  • Den Assistants: Travels with the dens and rotates to each session with them, assists the boys and the adult leaders as needed.
  • Sibling Camp: Works with the younger children doing crafts, games, etc.
  • Tiger Area: Assists the Tiger Manager with all Tiger activities
  • Cubs Program Areas: Assists the Cub Program Managers and campers with their events, crafts and games.
  • Webelos Program Areas: Assists the Webelos Program Managers and campers with their events, crafts and games.
  • Cubs Woodcraft Area: Assists the Cubs Program Manager and campers with wood projects, Totems, Den Flags and knots.
  • Webelos Woodcraft Area: Assists the Webelos Program Manager and campers with wood projects, Totems, Den Flags, and knots.
  • Aquatics: Assists the Program Manager and campers with kayaking, rafting and canoeing.
  • Archery: Assists on the Archery Range. This requires attendance at Archery Training and the approval of Jim Bennett.
  • Traffic & Safety: Assist Deputy Sheriff Thom Spratt in handling traffic, requires the approval of Thom Spratt
  • Quartermaster's Assistant: Help the camp Quartermaster in organizing supplies, getting them to the right session area and returning them to storage when the session is complete.

Merit Badges: Thom Spratt will be working on the following merit badges: Safety, Traffic and Safety, Fingerprinting, Law, Communications and Crime Prevention. Jim Bennett will be working on the Archery merit badge.

Meals: Day Camp provides a meal for youth volunteers. However, if you are picky, please bring your own lunch/dinner. We do not want to hear complaints that you do not like your free meal! In addition, the Order of the Arrow is providing a Snack Bar that will be selling drinks, candy, chips, etc.

Injuries and Medications: All medications must be registered and left with the Camp Medic; they must be in their prescription containers. The only exceptions will be those who need to carry an inhaler with them, or who suffer from life threatening allergies and carry an epi-pen. Any injuries, even a scratch, must be reported to the Camp Medic.

Problems: If you have problems, see David McElwain, the Youth Volunteer Director. If you and David cannot resolve the issue, see the Camp Director.

Radios: Youth Volunteers are not allowed to use radios/walkie-talkies while at Day Camp. These interfere with the radios that Staff uses to communicate. They will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.

Emergency Procedures: In the event of an emergency during Day Camp, all Youth Volunteers are to gather at the Youth Volunteer Headquarters. The youth volunteer staff will take roll, when you are all accounted for, you will then proceed to the Gathering Area where you can assist in keeping the Cub Scout campers quietly occupied while we wait for further instructions from emergency personnel.

Parking: If you are driving yourself there is a $3.00 per day charge for parking at O'Neill Park. You can purchase prepaid parking.

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