Day Camp 2009

Thanks You!

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their donations of materials and/or time. Please help us reward their contributions by patronizing their establishments.

  • Innovative Systems - John Tengwall
  • Saddleback Archery
  • OíNeill Park Rangers
  • Orange County Hardware & Lumber
  • Jim Goldsworth & Tauben Post
  • wholesaleforeveryone.com
  • Primrose Ice Service
  • Loreli Sakach
  • Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, Orange County Sheriff Dept
  • Assistant Sheriff Mike Hillman, OCSD
  • CPT Ron White, South Operations, OCSD
  • Lt. Don Barnes, Chief, Lake Forest Police Services, OCSD
  • Sgt Jerry Brittain, Traffic/Auto Theft Bureau, OCSD
  • Sgt Mike McHenry, Bike Team, OCSD
  • Orange County Sheriff Department Reserve Officers
  • San Juan Capistrano Police Service Volunteers
  • David Ellis, Fire Chief, Long Beach Fire Department
  • Jeff Reeb, Deputy Chief, Operations, LBFD
  • Ken Portolan, Assistant Chief, Operations, LBFD
  • Captain Tim Rasmussen, Fleet Operations, LBFD
  • Steve Moritz, Logistical Support Unit, LBFD
  • Engineer James Bantly, Fleet Operations, LBFD
  • Long Beach Firefighters Local 372
  • St Johnís Episcopal School
  • Reverend John Taylor, Vicor
  • Jim Lusby, Headmaster
  • Su Plamondon

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