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Day Camp 2016 Achievements

Saddleback District Cub Scout Day Camp

Day Camp 2016 Home

    Tigers: Bobcat

  • (Parents need to review Parent Guide with their scout at home to complete)

    Tigers Adventure: Backyard Jungle

  • 3. Be helpful to plants and animals by planting a tree or other plant in your neighborhood.
  • 5. With your adult partner, go on a walk, and pick out two sounds you hear in your “jungle.”

    Tigers Adventure: Games Tigers Play

  • 1. Do the following:
    • a. Play two initiative or team-building games with the members of your den.
    • b. Listen carefully to your leader while the rules are being explained, and follow directions when playing.
    • c. At the end of the game, talk with the leader about what you learned when you played the game. Tell how you helped the den by playing your part.
  • 5. Bring a nutritious snack to a den meeting. Share why you picked it and what makes it a good snack choice.

    Tigers Adventure: Tigers in the Wild

  • 1. With your adult partner, name and collect the Cub Scout Six Essentials you need for a hike. Tell your den leader what you would need to add to your list if it rains.
  • 2. Go for a short hike with your den or family, and carry your own gear. Show you know how to get ready for this hike.
  • 3. Do the following:
    • a. Listen while your leader reads the Outdoor Code. Talk about how you can be clean in your outdoor manners.
    • b. Listen while your leader reads the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids. Discuss why you should "Trash Your Trash."
    • c. Apply the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles for Kids on your Tiger den and pack outings. After one outing, share what you did to demonstrate the principles you discussed.
  • 5. Participate in an outdoor pack meeting or pack campout campfire. Sing a song and act out a skit with your Tiger den as part of the program.
  • 7. Visit a nearby nature center, zoo, or another outside place with your family or den. Learn more about two animals, and write down two interesting things about them in your Tiger Handbook

    Tigers Elective Adventure: Tiger-iffic!

  • 6. Play a team game with your den.

    Tigers Elective Adventure: Tiger Tag

  • 1. Choose one active game you like, and tell your den about it.
  • 2. Do the following:
    • a. Play two relay games with your den and your adult partner.
    • b. Tell your adult partner or the other Tigers what you liked best about each game.
    • c. Have your den choose a relay game that everyone would like to play, and play it several times.
  • 3. With your adult partner, select an active outside game that you could play with the members of your den. Talk about your game at the den meeting. With your den, decide on a game to play.
  • 4. Play the game that your den has chosen. After the game, discuss with your den leader the meaning of being a good sport.

    Wolf Elective Adventure: Air of the Wolf: Partial

  • 1a (weight of air – balloons on dowel rod)
  • 1b (air temperature – balloon on bottle – warmed and cooled)
  • 1ci. (paper airplanes and modifications)
  • 2a (record sounds – handout given to leaders on hike)
  • 2b (musical instrument – tongue depressor kazoo)
  • 2c (speed of air – twirley tube)

    Wolf Elective Adventure: Finding Your Way: Complete

  • 1a (Orange county map – locate town, street)
  • 1b (draw map, invent key, symbols)
  • 2 (nutritious snack – armpit fudge)
  • 3a (identify the compass rose)
  • 3b (use a compass to identify north, south, east & west)
  • 4 (scavenger hunt using a compass – mini hike)
  • 5 (use map and compass on a hike)

    Wolf Elective Adventure: Paws of Skill: Partial

  • 1 (Discuss physical fitness)
  • 2 (importance of stretching)
  • 4 (Discuss importance of teamwork – play team sport 30 min)
  • 5 (Discuss sportsmanship, being a good sport)

    Bear Adventure: Fur, Feathers and Fern: Partial

  • 1 (while hiking 1 mile, identify 6 signs that mammals, birds, plants, insect live nearby. – handout to leaders)
  • 4 (observe wildlife from a distance – describe – handout to leaders)

    Bear Adventure: Grin and Bear It:

  • Nothing completed – Example of a Carnival Bears can organize for their Packs.

    Bear Elective Adventure: Baloo the Builder: Partial (suggest Pinewood Derby for second wood project and finished project)

  • 1 (discuss hand tools – how to use safely)
  • 2 (Select, plan & define materials to complete requirement 3)
  • 3 (built one useful project)

    Bear Elective Adventure: Super Science: Partial

  • 1 Conduct static electricity experiment
  • 2 Conduct a second static electricity experiment – demonstrate properties of static electricity
  • 3 Conduct a third static electricity experiment

    Webelos Adventure: Stronger, Faster, Higher

  • Try a new sport you have never tried before.

    Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aquanaut

  • State the safety precautions you need to take before doing any water activity.

    Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Build It

  • Learn about some basic tools and the proper use of each tool. Learn about and understand the need for safety when you work with tools.
  • With the guidance of your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, select a carpentry project and build it.

    Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Into the Woods

  • Identify two different groups of trees and the parts of a tree.
  • Identify six trees common to the area where you live. Tell whether they are native to your area. Tell how both wildlife and humans use them.
  • Identify six plants common to the area where you live. Tell which animals use them and for what purpose.
  • Visit a nature center, nursery, tree farm, or park, and speak with someone knowledgeable about trees and plants that are native to your area. Explain how plants and trees are important to our ecosystem and how they improve our environment.
  • Develop a plan to care for and then plant at least one plant or tree, either indoors in a pot or outdoors. Tell how this plant or tree helps the environment in which it is planted and what the plant or tree will be used for.
  • Make a list of items in your home that are made from wood and share it with your den. Or with your den, take a walk and identify useful things made from wood.
  • Explain how the growth rings of a tree trunk tell its life story. Describe different types of tree bark and explain what the bark does for the tree.

    Arrow of Light Adventure: Camper

  • Show how to tie a bowline. Explain when the knot should be used and why. Teach it to another Scout who is not a Webelos Scout.

    Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Sportsman

  • While you are a Webelos Scout, play two team sports.

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