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Registration is done by packs. Each has a Pack Coordinator who distributes and collects registration forms. Be sure to check is that each the form has all the signatures it needs. On adult forms be sure that that the days they will be coming to camp are marked. This is imporatant in determining the Scout to Adult ratio. Each pack must have at least one adult for every four Scouts every session every day. Five Scouts means two adults.

Pack Coodinators turn in the Pack registration information as one packet on April 28 and May 5.

Registrar Pack # 237-699 Karen Humphreys

Registrar Pack # 700-1666 Jill Packard

Map to registration Registration Forms in PDF format


Camp Fee   $80
Paperwork turned before Scout-O-Rama - $10 discount
I'm Volunteering 3-5 days - $10 discount
My unit is a Founders Unit - $4 discount
OOPS! Paperwork didn't make it to Council or the Camp Director by the deadline of June 15th + $20 late fee

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