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The daycamp 2002 page is now up.

Daycamp was a great time. 1,033 Cub and Webelos Scouts came to camp and had lots of fun. Watch the website for more reports and pictures.
The Wolf Achievements are here. The Bear Achievements are here. The Webelos Achievements are here.
A great big thank you to all of these folks. Youth Volunteer Service Hours are posted here. The 2001 Wood Shop projects are now posted.
Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Webelos games equipment

Day Camp was held at O'Neill Regional Park at Live Oak Rd and Trabuco Canyon Rd. There were Morning (8 am - 1:30) and Twilight (2:30 - 8 pm) sessions. Bear and Wolf Scouts had one set of activities, Webelos Scouts had a different set of activities.

Tiger Cubs had their own program at camp this year! This was a great introduction to the Cub Scout Program. Tigers are boys who have completed Kindergarten.

We had a great week, thanks to everyone for coming.

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Fun in the sun
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Adult Volunteers
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Youth Volunteers
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